Parenting Adult Children (seminar)

  • Are you perplexed or distressed at the choices your adult children make? 
  • Are you confused about who they have become and what your relationship can or should look like now? 
  • Wondering what your role should be as a Christian parent of adults?  

Earlier this year, I held a Saturday-morning seminar on parenting adult children. Topics included:

  • the big picture of God’s purposes for relationships
  • assessing the health and maturity of your relationship
  • exploring how our changing world impactsfamily relationships
  • clarifying goals and priorities
  • what to strive for and what to avoid
  • how to love well in disappointment or pain

Much of the audio contains information that is confidential to the participants, but here are the first 8 minutes, where you can get a feel for the direction of the seminar.

This is a seminar I would love to lead again! You can read some of the participants' feedback on my Training page.